Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dynamic Transformation

The Confraternity of the Holy Name of God and Jesus is a Catholic (Universal) confraternity founded to publicly spread devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus Christ and teach reverence for the Holy Name of God. Through this apostolate, opportunities are provided to encourage members to strive for personal holiness and ultimately obtain their personal salvation. The Holy Name Society strives to show all men and women, even with all of our imperfections, that they can still praise, serve and love Jesus and witness to His word and make His presence real.

Members of the Holy Name Society show reverence for His name by using it properly in all communications and have a strong and devoted prayer life and encourage others to do likewise. In public, members of the Holy Name Society show love and respect for their neighbors, just like Jesus taught us by helping and serving others in their time of need. Holy Name Society members practice both the Corporal Works and the Spiritual Works of Mercy - for as St. James taught us, "faith without works is dead".

Belonging to the Holy Name Society develops Catholics in many ways including showing them how to grow in sacramental grace and strengthen moral virtues. This is primarily accomplished by frequent participation in the sacraments of Confession and Holy Eucharist. Confession, the sacrament of God's Mercy, reconciles us with God for all of our transgressions and gives us the strength to avoid these temptations of sin. The sacrament of Holy Eucharist feeds us spiritually to live out our lives as Christ taught us in the Gospel.

Being a member of the Holy Name Society helps us by broadening and increasing our understanding of our Catholic faith and beliefs. Membership provides us the opportunity to unite with like minded Catholics who are interested in supporting and assisting our neighbors and bringing the love of Christ to all. Holy Name members go through a dynamic transformation that strengthens their moral decency and cultivates virtues.

As members of the Holy Name Society your personal example, your formal programs, events and activities should provide all the opportunity to be transformed - to be more Christ like. If we are faithful servants and active members of this Confraternity, our spiritual activities and personal example will touch the hearts of others and they too will desire to share in our special devotion to the Holy and Sacred Name of Jesus Christ. They too will desire to become active in our apostolic works - and start their own dynamic transformation.

Raymond W. Zientara, Director
Buffalo Diocesan Association of Holy Name Societies

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